Cartman Gets An Anal Probe Edit

The South Park episode Cartman Gets An Anal Probe is the pilot of the series. It was animated by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for four months with scenes cut and computer animated scenes added for time.

Plot (From The Season One Dvd Boxset)Edit

Alien visitors wreak havoc in South Park when they kidnap Kyle's little brother, Ike, mutilate dozens of innocent cows and give Eric Cartman an anal probe. Flaming flatulence, skeptical school officials and a preteen seductress named Wendy Testaburger are a few of the obstacles the boys must face as they try to rescue poor Ike from the cluches of the mysterious visitors.

Plot Summary By HP_BloodshedEdit

While the boys (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick) are waiting for the school bus, Kyle's brother, Ike, tries to follow Kyle to school again. After Kyle "kicks the baby" Cartman tells the other boys that he didn't get much sleep the night before because he was having these bogus nightmares about aliens giving him an anal probe. The boys try to convince him that the nightmare was real, though he won't accept it. Chef pulls up in his car and asks if the boys had seen the alien spaceship the night before, freaking Cartman out and proving the other boys' theory. After Chef leaves Ms. Crabtree pulls up with the school bus, as the boys get on Cartman seems to be walking funny. Ike is abducted by aliens as Kyle watches in horror. Officer Barbrady is investigating the recent cow mutilations on Jenkins' farm when the cows are tricked by the aliens to run off. Officer Barbrady is now determined to find those cows. At South Park Elementary, while the boys are in class, Kyle asks Mr. Garrison/Mr. Hat if he could be excused to rescue his little brother, Ike. Mr. Garrison/Mr. Hat say a memorable line: "You go to hell, you go to hell and you die!" Cartman laughs at Kyle because Mr. Hat yelled at him. Kyle tells the class that the aliens stuck stuff up his ass and Cartman farts fire that catching Pip on fire.